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Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress

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About Visual Composer™ Website Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder is a WordPress plugin created for experts and beginners that lets you build stunning websites using hundreds of elements, beautiful pre-designed templates, and powerful addons to help set your website into a beautiful and user-friendly design.

Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress

With Visual Composer, you can create more complex layouts using a drag-and-drop editor from the front-end of your site.

With Visual Composer, you can build a website without touching a line of code, or give your customers an easy way to edit content. With a simple drag and drop functionality, Visual Composer lets you add columns, content blocks, images, accordions, calls to actions, and many more website elements to be able to build any kind of website fast and easy. This means that you can forget about coding!

Visual Composer™ Features & Benefits

Visual Composer Website Builder offers all the core features you need to create a personal or business website:

Website Templates

Website builder bundles heaps of pre-designed responsive templates created for landing pages, portfolios, product pages, business and service sites - for any type of websites to be created fast and easy.

Content Elements

亚洲成人免费视频Text & image fields, contact forms, and testimonials; CTA buttons, social media integration, video backgrounds, and much more to be able to build an effective website.

Block Templates

亚洲成人免费视频Block Templates are content blocks that stand in between page templates and elements. Ready-made sections give you the freedom to build unique layouts not thinking of specific content elements.

Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor

亚洲成人免费视频With the editor, you can build your own header, footer, and sidebar or download ready-to-use templates from the Visual Composer Hub. If until now, theme users were stuck on a certain theme’s header, footer or sidebar design, then now this gives you free hands to determine your own custom designs.

Visual Composer Hub

亚洲成人免费视频Template and elements library with unlimited access for Premium users. New templates and elements released every week. Regular updates with new features and tools to enhance the user experience.

Stock Images

High-quality stock images from Unsplash can be added into the pages straight from the Visual Composer Hub. Thousands of beautiful photos are free to use in both, personal and commercial projects.

Drag and Drop Interface

One of the core features that let you customize your website by simply moving and managing website’s layout and elements across the page. No coding needed - the website builder is made so you can build a website without technical skills.

Live Frontend Editor

亚洲成人免费视频You no longer have to navigate to the back-end to create a page that you’re not sure how it’s going to look on your site - now you can build or edit your website on the go and see the exact 'pixel-perfect' results.

Inline Editor

亚洲成人免费视频Edit your content on the go with a double click. The inline editor allows you to instantly edit paragraphs and titles of content elements in Frontend editor of Visual Composer Website Builder.

Design Options

The rich Design Options allow you to style elements directly from the editor. Achieve professional results and create unique layouts by adjusting various settings at your fingertips.

Responsive Design

Visual Composer is built with responsiveness in mind. Every layout you create is responsive and ready for your mobile devices.

Optimized for WordPress

Website builder follows best WordPress practices so you can choose any WordPress theme of your choice with a minimal imprint on your website’s performance.

Free VS Premium

Visual Composer Website Builder comes in two variations. For a great start, it offers Visual Composer Free version – powerful enough to create and edit any WordPress website.

However, for the best experience and advanced features, there is Visual Composer Premium that will satisfy most demanding requirements for beginners and professionals.

Premium version provides unlimited access to:

  • Visual Composer Hub - an awesome library of 500+ website elements & templates
  • Header, Footer, Sidebar editor
  • Global Templates
  • Premium support

Website Builder Licenses

亚洲成人免费视频Visual Composer Premium license comes with one year of premium class support, regular updates, and access to the Visual Composer Hub.

亚洲成人免费视频There are three types of licenses:

  • Single Website License for $49
  • 3 Websites License for $99
  • Developers License for $349

All the licenses come with premium templates and elements, header, footer, sidebar editor, and WooCommerce support.

In addition, the developers license is a perfect tool for web developers and agencies, that allows you to design an unlimited amount of websites and access the license management panel.

Affiliate Program

Visual Composer Affiliate Program offers a 40% commission亚洲成人免费视频 (up to $395 for a referral) thus being one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the market.

In addition to the high commission, Visual Composer makes sure that you as an affiliate have trendy marketing materials, 60 days cookie window, and a low minimum payout ($150).

Visual Composer™ VS. WPBakery

Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder are two independent products.

WPBakery Page Builder takes care of the content part, while the Visual Composer Website Builder is a new product that aims to offer solutions for the creation of the whole website (ex. add a logo, header, footer, and menu elements).

Regarding design options, Visual Composer Website Builder offers a lot more features. Regarding elements and templates, Visual Composer has the Hub - a library of premium class elements and templates that receive regular updates.

Visual Composer™ is created using brand new technologies that make the website builder super fast and stable. This means websites built by using Visual Composer will perform at a much better pace.

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