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亚洲成人免费视频To get started with Visual Composer Website Builder, please refer to this guide for downloading, installing, and activating.

Downloading Visual Composer

To download Visual Composer Website Builder, visit Download亚洲成人免费视频 section of the official website and get the free copy of the plugin.

亚洲成人免费视频There is no registration necessary. Visual Composer can be downloaded and used completely free of charge.


To automatically install Visual Composer on your WordPress installation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Getting Started”;
  3. Enter your email address and click on “Continue”;
  4. For installation, choose the Free version and click on “Free Download”;
  5. Enter your site URL and click on “Install Visual Composer” (Note: Here at the bottom you can download the Visual Composer .zip file);
  6. Click on “Click to Install” and finish the installation in your WordPress admin panel.

Auto-install Visual Composer

Visual Composer can be manually installed like any other WordPress plugin by uploading the file to your WordPress site:

  1. Open your WordPress Admin panel and navigate to Plugins;
  2. Select 'Add New' (left side corner);
  3. Select 'Upload Plugin' (upper left corner);
  4. Choose to upload from your computer and click 'Install Now';
  5. WordPress will install the plugin automatically;
  6. Click 'Activate Plugin' to finish the installation.

Activate WordPress plugin after install

亚洲成人免费视频Visual Composer can also be installed straight from your WordPress dashboard.

亚洲成人免费视频To do it, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin panel;
  2. Go to the Plugins section;
  3. Click on “Add New” at the top;
  4. Type “Visual Composer” in the search bar;
  5. Locate “Visual Composer Website Builder” and click on “Install Now”;
  6. Click on “Activate” to finish the installation.

You can now use Visual Composer Website Builder on your site and get access to the Visual Composer Hub亚洲成人免费视频 - an online library of content elements, templates, and extensions.

You can start either with the Free version of the plugin or if you are up to get extra features, unlock unlimited access to Visual Composer Hub with a Premium license.

Visual Composer Free

With a Visual Composer Free version亚洲成人免费视频, you can use Visual Composer right upon plugin installation to access all free elements and templates.

Visual Composer Premium

亚洲成人免费视频However, for Premium users, there is no limit for downloading extra content.

To activate the Premium version of the Visual Composer Hub, select 'Activate Premium' under the Visual Composer in your WordPress dashboard.

For the full activation process follow:

You can purchase Visual Composer Premium in order to get unlimited access to Visual Composer Hub for one site, three sites, and unlimited sites (Developer License). You can compare Free vs Premium亚洲成人免费视频 benefits and upgrade from Free to Premium at any time.

Visual Composer Hub 

Visual Composer Hub is a cloud marketplace for downloading extra content like elements, templates, extensions, stock images, and more.

To open Visual Composer Hub, find the navigation bar in the Frontend editor and click on this icon:

Visual Composer Hub

Visual Composer Hub access comes in Free (limited) or Premium version regardless of what version (Free or Premium) of the plugin you are using.

Tutorial Template

To see the plugin in action and get yourself familiar with the interface and functionality of the editor, you can try the Tutorial Template available to you right after you installed and activated Visual Composer.

Note: The tutorial template is available to all users of the free and premium version.

Nevertheless, to receive additional elements, templates, and addons it is required recommended to get a Premium version and so you can have unlimited access to the Visual Composer Hub.

Note: All options for saving and viewing the content (save as draft, save, preview, view)亚洲成人免费视频 for the Tutorial Template are disabled.

Plugin Update

亚洲成人免费视频There are 2 types of updates available for Visual Composer Website Builder:

  • Plugin update;
  • Visual Composer Hub (cloud marketplace) update.

亚洲成人免费视频Plugin update is a regular way of how plugin update works in WordPress. An update notification will appear in your WordPress admin dashboard under the Plugins section and will allow updating automatically.

WordPress plugin update notification in WordPress admin dashboard

亚洲成人免费视频Visual Composer Hub update is the most common way on how Visual Composer Website Builder will receive updates. The update will contain new and improved elements, templates, and extensions. Visual Composer Hub update is performed automatically and doesn't require any steps to take.

For the new elements, templates, and extensions, visit Visual Composer Hub frequently.

Minimum System Requirements

Visual Composer has been developed to work with WordPress.

You can check if your WordPress hosting meets system requirements for Visual Composer under the System Status in the Visual Composer Dashboard Settings. 

Contacting & Support

Need further help or have suggestions? Visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ), the Facebook community at Download, or the support portal.