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Get premium-class content elements to build your own WordPress site. Design unique layouts step by step without coding - it's so easy with the Visual Composer.

Visual Composer Hub for elements

Uncover the true power of Visual Composer via the free cloud marketplace of content elements. Visual Composer Hub offers a comprehensive library of elements with regular updates and unlimited downloads.

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Dynamic content

亚洲成人免费视频Replace your static content with dynamic content from WordPress default or custom fields.

Dynamic content for WordPress
Edit any content element in Visual Composer

Edit any element

亚洲成人免费视频Access multiple options available to all elements. An intuitive edit form gives you the freedom to adjust any element.

Replace elements

Switch between elements with a smart replace option to quickly change the look and feel of your content.

Replace content elements in Visual Composer
Visual Composer Hub elements for agency

Use advanced elements

Dive into section-type elements that consist of various basic elements, so you can build your layouts faster.

Element presets

Adjust any element to your liking and save it as a preset for a quick reuse. Create your own set of elements.

Save any element as a preset for a quick re-use

WordPress widget support

Add WordPress default and custom widgets anywhere on your site with the Visual Composer Website Builder.

Features available in the Premium version

Social media elements

Use the power of social media as your business advantage with a comprehensive list of social media elements, like Facebook Posts and Twitter Tweet.

Features available in the Premium version

Compatibility elements

亚洲成人免费视频Use your favorite and the most popular WordPress plugins straight from the Frontend editor. Visual Composer is compatible with top-notch plugins and offers compatibility elements.

Features available in the Premium version

WooCommerce elements

Work with WooCommerce in a completely new way, Visual Composer allows you to build your own store step by step with the special WooCommerce elements.

Features available in the Premium version

Post grid elements

Build custom archive pages, display your portfolio, articles, and news. Visual Composer Post Grid elements allow you to work with pages, posts, and custom post types.

Extra class name

Add extra class names or element IDs to any content element and refer to them via Custom CSS. Adjust any element to fit your design needs at any time.

CSS animations

Create beautiful transitions with the element appearance animations available out of the box. Highlight the most import parts of your site, like CTA buttons or notifications.

Features available in the Premium version

Gutenberg elements

Access Gutenberg from the Visual Composer Frontend editor with the compatibility element. Add multiple Gutenberg instances to your layout.

Element design options

Adjust any element of Visual Composer with the most powerful Design Options tool on the market. Control CSS properties (margins, borders, etc.), add parallax effects, shapes, and more.

Hide elements

Hide any element with a single click or adjust element appearance on specific device types via responsive Design Options.

Custom element names

亚洲成人免费视频Give custom names to your elements to organize your layout into a meaningful hierarchy or make notes to other team members in your organization.

Element API

亚洲成人免费视频For pro web developers and agencies, Visual Composer offers a powerful API that allows you to develop your own custom elements.

Features available in the Premium version

Cloud marketplace

An in-app marketplace of elements, templates, and extensions. Unlimited downloads, regular updates, and fixed fee. Build your website from the cloud.

Features available in the Premium version

Header elements

亚洲成人免费视频Add logo or multiple menus anywhere on the site to create completely custom layouts.

Features available in the Premium version

Element groups

Access element groups, like buttons and icons, for an easy way to create inline content and control group properties.

Features available in the Premium version

Element lock

Design websites for your clients and secure your layout by locking certain elements that only Administrator can edit.

Most used elements

亚洲成人免费视频Quickly access your most-used elements. Visual Composer will automatically detect your most-used elements and display them at the top.

Manage elements

Keep your content library clean by managing elements. Delete downloaded elements and re-download them at any time from the Visual Composer Hub.

Lazy load content

Speed up your site by enabling built-in lazy load options for media. Visual Composer is the only builder that affects your performance in a positive way.

Features available in the Premium version

Role manager

Secure your site against human errors with the Role Manager addon. Control what your clients can access.

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