Introducing Visual Composer Font Manager: Change WordPress Fonts Easily

We all know that changing fonts is important for branding, but it can be challenging and time-consuming. But not anymore! We are happy to announce that you can now easily change fonts on your site with a few clicks of a button.

Font Manager is a new addon for Visual Composer premium users. Make sure to update to the latest version to access this newbie! It allows you to choose any Google Font and apply it in seconds WITHOUT touching any CSS code. 🙌

You can use Font Manager to change default theme fonts globally (on your whole site at once)亚洲成人免费视频 and choose from all Google Fonts! This means you can make your posts and pages look like anything you want them to be - clean, modern, elegant... the choices are limitless!

Since this is the first version of Font Manager (the final version is on its journey), we would be happy to hear your feedback, to help us improve it and make the second version even better! 🙂

How to Use Font Manager

You can get the Font Manager addon either by downloading it from the Visual Composer Hub or via the Visual Composer Dashboard - Font Manager section in your WordPress Admin Panel and find the font that best fits your theme.Downloading the Visual Composer Font Manager Addon in WordPress Dashboard

Once you have navigated to the Font Manager, enable it to start the magic!Manage fonts with the Visual Composer Font Manager addon

You can change the font, styling, and size of your headings, paragraphs, and blockquotes. Plus, you have the ability to switch the styling of your links as well (underlining and hover color options).

The Visual Composer Font Manager works with the Visual Composer layouts that you can choose from in the page settings in the frontend editor and Visual Composer Starter theme.

For additional options, you can also change the letter spacing and line height, margins, and capitalization (UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Capitalize) of your selected text sections and even improve page loading speed by including only required language subsets.

To make it easier to find the perfect design for your texts, the Font Manager provides a preview to see how any changes would look on your website. Once that's done, and you have found the right fit, save the changes.

Note: If you disable the Font Manager toggle button before saving and exit the Font Manager, all changes will be lost.

When to Use Font Manager

Choosing the right font for your or your client’s website might be tricky.

It's important to choose a font that matches your product, brand, or personal style because most likely you will be sticking to one or a selected few font styles (good practice)亚洲成人免费视频 for a while.

The font you choose also affects the readability of your texts, so don't go too over the top when trying to find a unique font and applying styling to it. To help you stay within the guidelines of accessibility, which directly affect the user experience, check your color palettes with this .

If you are still trying to figure out your style, look for some inspiration from our amazing websites made with Visual Composer.

And once you have found the perfect font and styled it, don't hesitate to share it with other Visual Composer users via our .

Finally, a big request!! 

亚洲成人免费视频Once you had a chance to play with the new addon, we - the whole team would be extremely happy if you left your feedback below in the comments.

It will help us a lot in improving the Font Manager version 2.0 -- Thank you!! ❤️️